Merci à Anna-Lee Iijima pour ce magnifique article de 6 pages, en milieu de magazine. Voici ci-dessous un extrait concernant l'AOC Ventoux sur les terroirs tardifs et d’altitude :

"At more than 6,200 feet, Mont Ventoux is the highest peak in the Southern Rhône. While best known as the mountainous ascent in the Tour de France, it is also the home of Ventoux appellation. “Climate is at the core, the very identity of what Ventoux is about,” explains Frédéric Pesquié, a third-generation owner and winemaker of Château Pesquié. Ventoux is one of the coolest wine growing regions in the Southern Rhône. Vines are currently planted at elevations between 820–1,640 feet. The region’s climate is not defined strictly by altitude though, explains James King, a winemaker and owner of Château Unang, also in Ventoux. Beyond altitude, he suggests, the influence of air currents that flow down from surrounding hills and Mont Ventoux, and “the surrounding forest provid[e] a reservoir of cooler air that glides down through the vines at night.”

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