Mont-Ventoux, Biosphere Reserve

The aim of the biosphere reserves is to combine the protection of natural resources with the development of human activities whilst ensuring that the region is managed harmoniously.
There are 714 biospheres spread over 129 countries and they are part of an international scientific cooperation programme focused on sustainable development.
The Mont-Ventoux has been part of UNESCO's 'Man and the Biosphere'  project since 1990. The summit and the Bedoin cedar forest are part of the six zones which make up the central zone of this area protected by a decree. The summit of Ventoux (surface area: 963ha.)  Situated between 1000m and 1909m, this area of fallen calcareous rocks holds an extraordinary wealth of flora of which 60 odd species are rare under these latitudes. The climate is rough and has a determining effect: 3° to 4°C on average and frequent and very violent winds (up to 250km/h). The cedar forest (surface area: 98ha.)  Situated between 800m and 1000m, this area is one of the most diverse in the Ventoux. The cedar forest is the result of a successful reforestation operation and it offers a very wide range of habitat for animal species (birds of prey, nesting birds, bush birds...)

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