United to share, protect, and cultivate the Summit of the living world.



Groupe AOC Ventoux

United by our purpose

AOC Ventoux is the first AOC to have defined its purpose. This collective approach is the fruit of everyone's work: since November 2020, two consultations and co-construction workshops have allowed us to set down our mission and commitments for our territory. An approach that we will continue to build upon together!

The living world

We are convinced that developing a new relationship with our natural environment is a priority in today's world, and we constantly strive to seek a virtuous balance between People and Nature in all aspects of our activity and throughout our territory.

aoc ventoux le vivant
Paysage Ventoux

A living culture

Our culture is profoundly alive. Towns and villages, monasteries and castles, landscapes that are perfectly balanced between wild and cultivated nature, outdoor activities, tourism: our territory is particularly dynamic and attracts a great many visitors. We give our all to contribute to this dynamism and we strive alongside the entire community to encourage it.


It is our ambition to make our AOC a pioneer of sustainable and positive development. So, we are committed to protecting all living things: trees, soils, fauna, climate, culture and heritage. For each of these combats, we have set ourselves 1 objective for 2025 :






The implementation of the AOC Ventoux's raison d'être is accompanied by new needs related to the preservation of biodiversity, the reuse of wine containers, the development of new farming practices, the reduction of the estate's energy consumption, etc.
The Local Action Group, led by the Park, was thus able to mobilize funding from the European LEADER program (Liaisons Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale) for two years, making it possible to hire a climate project manager, Isabelle Fabre, who joined Marie, Corinne and Zoé in July 2021 in order to accompany the energy and ecological transition of Ventoux vinyards.
For more information on the LEADER funding of the Gal Ventoux - Mont-Ventoux Regional Natural Park, go here.
Frédéric Chaudière

"There is a virtuous balance between wealth and nature, the life of our land and the quality of the wines that we produce. We seek the perfect balance, the summit of the living world."

Frédéric Chaudière, president of the AOC Ventoux