La Source Miraculeuse de Saint-Gens

This spring flows from the rocks at the end of a wooded valley. Here is where young Gens, born in 1104 in Monteux, brought forth two springs from the rock. One flowed with wine (it has since dried up) and the other flowed with water. Saint Gens also brought the rain, saving the area from drought. The legend of Saint Gens is still very much alive and his feast day is celebrated each year in the month of May. The people from the village of Monteux form a long procession with the banner and the statue of the saint, walking from Monteux to the miraculous spring. A lively popular celebration.


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Balade à St Gens 1 Source de St Gens 2 Source de St Gens

Route de Saint Gens
84210, Le Beaucet

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