Pierry le domaine

THE Estate, a great adventure

A unique place
Pierry le domaine is a remarkable site, a haven of peace, an island preserved by an arc of woodland broken by a window onto a landscape of exceptional beauty, and Mont Ventoux. The protective giant of Provence inspires and stands watch.
In a world of pretence, where opinions are forged by virtual phenomena of fashion, a world where it is enough to proclaim yourself a star to become one, rarely has a man and a place been in such osmosis. Together, they exude simplicity, generosity, and respect.

A human adventure
Shaped by his family history, Pierry has deep respect for his origins, for his roots. Inspired by his love for his family, he pursues his dreams with determination. He leaves nothing to chance, and makes his way step by step. Pierry is a man of values, with his feet firmly set on the ground. A branch of his family has worked the land since the time of the French Revolution. He is proud and invested by this heritage, this identity, this philosophy.
Through his winegrowing work, he enters into communion with his "ancestors", and thus pays tribute to his father Robert who died too young, and his grandfather Pierre, hardworking, humble and wise, who remains a model.
Even as a child, he dreamt of having his very own wine estate one day. This determined man turned his dream into reality. He worked very hard, supported by his wife and children, he cleaned, prepared the land, planted the best-suited varietals depending on the exposure and the soil, he positioned the stones, cut the beams and turned a ruin into a beautiful house perfectly integrated in the landscape. He built his cellar with his own hands thanks to his technical knowledge and manual skills. 15 years of hard labour, to install, embellish, tame, and landscape, but what a result!

A united team
Pierry has surrounded himself by a very competent team to be sure that nothing is left to chance. Everyone works towards the same objective.

Pierry, his philosophy
Why did he do everything himself? It couldn't have been any other way, everyone has their own challenges, their own mountains to climb. Today, the result deserves respect, Pierry refers to it as a necessary quest. Only the sparkle in his eye and a little smile betrays this modest man's pride in what he has accomplished.

The Family:
Pierry knows that nothing would have been possible without Amandine who inspires him and his children Marine and Morgan who support him. Family is a powerful driver and each in their own way brings support, energy, work, and skills according to their means and availability. Pierry knows that he can count on them. In the future, it will be the turn of his two children, Marine and Morgan, who will take over in respect for this family heritage. They are already aware of the responsibility of this duty and are willing to shoulder it.

The reds Grenache noir, Syrah, Marsellan, and Cinsault, and the whites, Viognier Grenache blanc, and Clairette represent a surface area of 11.5 hectares split into côtes du Ventoux, côtes du Rhône and the appellation côtes du Rhône Village Séguret. These varietals planted according to the soils of each parcel and their exposure so that they reveal the most beautiful aromatic expressions.
To make great wines you need great grapes, and Pierry does everything to respect the environment and optimise the quality of the grapes, parcel by parcel.

To obtain high quality, it is not enough to limit the yields. You need to be vigilant at all times because all the technical gestures are important. Pierry is not one to rest on his laurels and continuously perfects his growing methods with the passing years.
He respects the environment and listens to nature, and the vines are worked according to the sun and the moon. The estate is organically farmed.
The pruning begins when the first frosts appear.
The emphasis is put on working the land. The pruned branches are ground and buried, and the soils are amended with organic matter to preserve and increase microbial life. They are worked according to the humidity, then this work is stopped during very hot periods.
To protect the vines, the interventions are extremely reasoned. The principle is to intervene after heavy rain of more than 25mm, any less and the vines protect themselves. Thanks to the shelved exposure of his parcels, Pierry can count on a precious ally, the Mistral wind, which dries and cleanses. The leaf cover is studied to limit inputs and control the grapes' exposure to the sun.
In late August, the grapes of each parcel are sampled in order to determine the best moment to begin harvesting them: tasting the skin, biting into the seeds, checking the sugar and acidity, and so on. In short, not leaving anything to chance. When all these sensorial analyses present optimal results, harvesting can begin.
Pierry knows that you need to be patient to make great wines.
The grapes are picked early morning to preserve their freshness and avoid any alteration of the quality of their ripeness, placed in crates by hand, which makes it possible to sort them.
Thanks to the precision of his work and the potential of his terroir, Pierry obtains a subtle balance between substance and freshness. During the nights the stones emanate the heat gathered during the day and the shelved exposure to the north of the vineyard gives very robust wines which retain a delightful freshness.

The first year of winemaking in 2006 took place in a friend's cellar, and since that day the obsession to create a perfectly adapted cellar has become a clear and obvious objective. With patience and thought, Pierry and his young son Morgan began the construction work in April 2013 to finish in June 2017. It took them 5 years to build this cellar all by themselves. Everything was calculated in order to perform micro-vinifications on the yield of each parcel and have the best palette available to obtain the best wine.
The whites and rosés are made by direct pressing and fermentations at low temperature in stainless steel tanks.
The reds are made by destemming and then crushing the grapes, which are then left to ferment for around 21 days. During this period, the juices are regularly pumped over and aerated and the cap punched down. After the fermentation, the juices are separated into free run juice, and press juice, which is passed through an inert pneumatic press.
The blending takes place after meticulous sampling of the juices and much thought to ensure optimally expressive wines.
The wines are lightly filtered before bottling.
The 210 Séguret white wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels, which come from the "François" master cooper. The same goes for the 210 red cuvée which is also aged for 12 months in medium-toast oak barrels from the "Vallaurine" master cooper. The wood is Merrain oak sourced on the left bank.
Pierry associates tradition and high technology and believes in sustainable development. 46Kw of electricity is produced thanks to solar energy, making the estate completely autonomous. And to respect nature even more and to naturally regulate the temperature of the cellar and our wines throughout the seasons we have created a Provencal well.
The marc is scattered on the edge of the surrounding woodland to maintain biodiversity for insects and give a natural boost to our olive trees.

Wine tasting at the estate
There are 3 possible options for wine tastings at the Estate, depending on the visitors' preferences and the seasons. Either at the source, in the cellar itself, or in the convivial vault next to the simple and minimalist storehouse. Here, we are far from ostentatious luxury, the true luxury is elsewhere. But arguably the best setting, to understand the Estate and surrounding nature, is a tasting session in the wooden cabin situated amongst the highest parcels.

The spirit
The different wines are made with the aim of pleasing as many people as possible, and always with a desire to share wines that have style.
They are often described as being inspired, with character, straightforward, sincere, regular, sometimes bold, whether they are Côtes du Ventoux, Côtes du Rhône or Côtes du Rhône Village Séguret,
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Consumers in the know ask for a Pierry, red, white or rosé, they go straight to the point and are sure they won't be disappointed.
Every wine is given a number which only Pierry and some close friends know the significance. He has not found sufficiently evocative names to describe them without being too simplistic or too pretentious. He prefers to mark them with a stylish tattoo. And aren't numbers a universal language?

The olive oil
Working towards excellence is his motto for his wines, olive oil and a few other projects to be discovered. Follow this inspired man, he is full of surprises.
Delving into the depths of time and extracting what matters to offer it to future generations. The olive oil is a heritage. It is a noble product recognised by all and imbued with a strong identity. But there again, Pierry wants to stand out and for his oil to be recognised amongst the olive oils that count, even if his production remains confidential, currently known only by a small number of insiders.
Its original and elegant bottle is eye-catching and charming, and provokes an urge to taste it and discover a sensorial adventure.

Visiting Pierry and Amandine will do you good and gives a new dimension to the notion of conviviality, welcome and exchange.
Pass through Vaison-la-Romaine, make a detour! You will receive a warm welcome. The ideal is to take your time, take a stroll in the vineyard and begin a pleasant climb, moving gradually up the tiered rows of vines like a slow journey of initiation to really feel and understand the vineyard.

Horaires: 9-12am and 2-7pm Free tastings, cellar visits

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Pierry le domaine
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