Domaine J&D

Domaine J&D is a young estate built in 2009.
It is with passion that Evelyne, Julien and Didier AROCAS have joined forces to cultivate their vines and bring out the best of a rich and complex terroir.

At Domaine J&D, we believe in a balance between innovation and tradition. We use cutting-edge equipment and technologies but remain extremely attached to traditional varietals that flourish in the diversity of the terroirs of AOP Ventoux. To express the authenticity of our wines we are careful to conserve the artisanal and natural side of the winemaking process.

Our approach towards clean and reasoned winegrowing is motivated by our respect for the natural world and our desire to offer a top quality wine.

By gathering together the grapes grown in the different terroirs of Caromb, Domaine J&D aims to bring out the best of the AOP Ventoux by making quality wines with sun-drenched tastes and flavours.

The varietals are traditional and reflect all the diversity of the AOP.

The yields are controlled naturally and the vines balanced to obtain optimal concentrations. The vines are tended naturally without chemical fertilizers or weedkillers, the aim being to achieve a balance with nature.

The cellar built in 2009 uses recent technologies but the AROCAS family also favours traditional and artisanal methods to preserve the integrity of the grapes as much as possible.

The wines are aged for between 6 and 18 months, in oak barrels for the most complex wines.

By privileging clean and sustainable winegrowing practices, Domaine J&D wants to contribute to the preservation of the natural world while offering consumers top quality wines.

Innovation, tradition, quality, sharing and exception …... “The spirit of J&D”

9.30-12am / 3-7pm

Tastings and cellar visits

French, English

31 Route de Mazan
84330, CAROMB

Phone: 0664914234
Email : [email protected]